Tanda Tula, Timbavati, South Africa

There are many choices for your safari in South Africa.  One of our favorite locations is the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve in the Greater Kruger National Park, and Tanda Tula in the Timbavati is the perfect safari camp, particularly for the safari novice.

Jen at Tanda Tula enjoying dinner.

Jen at Tanda Tula enjoying dinner.

Jen's Take

1. The "tents" are perfect, luxurious, and close to nature.

2. The Big Five and more!

3. The possibility of a white lion sighting.

4.  The pool gives you a resort feeling in the middle of the bush.

Ian at Tanda Tula enjoying dinner.

Ian at Tanda Tula enjoying dinner.

Ian's Take

1. Many locations to have that Cuban cigar.

2. Stocked bar in your tent.

3.  WiFi in the main camp area (would be better if I didn't have need for it but sometimes work calls).

4. Bush breakfast every morning.


1. We prefer a private vehicle, but we unable to get one at Tanda Tula at the time we were there.  But if you love being with the group, this won't be an issue for you.

2.  The Timbavati is a popular safari location.  So, there may be a bit of traffic at sightings.

Notes From Our Safari at Tanda Tula

  • First Evening
    • Dinner in the boma - really good chicken
    • Lions from afar
    • Leopard in a tree (eating baby buffalo)
    • 2 rhino
    • 1 lone buffalo
    • lots of lawyer guests
  • First Morning
    • White lioness (mating; kind of ugly)
    • Adorable ellies
    • Lions with cubs w/baby giraffe kill
    • Breakfast outside by the river bed
  • Second Evening
    • Rhinos
    • White lioness mating.  Tawny female tried to mate with male, but male had no interest.
    • "This is why we work."
    • "Lions walk like a waterfall"
  • Second Morning
    • Looking for wild dogs
    • Bull ellie with the biggest tusks ever
    • Bacon sandwiches
    • 2 hour nap
    • Dip in the pool
    • Light Lunch
    • Delightful British family
  • Third Evening
    • 1 week old ellie with two body guards
    • Southern cross is like a pride of lions hunting
    • Dinner conversation about living in South Africa, Australia, and England
  • Fourth Day
    • Quiet am drive
    • Leopard in a tree; still can't photograph the jump
    • Wind covering the tracks
    • Great nap
    • Sitting by the fire
    • Wind in the trees
    • Wild Dog
  • Fifth and Final Morning
    • Buffalo herd
    • Lion on a kill