Snow Safari: Our 20 Favorite Winter Photos from Jackson, WY

(written by Jen; approved by Ian)  We have been going to Jackson, Wyoming in the winter for over the last 10 years to ski.  The area is so incredibly beautiful in the winter we decided to share our 20 favorite photos from our winter trips to Jackson.  By favorite photos, we don't necessarily mean that these are our best shots, but those photos that capture some of our dearest memories.  Originally, it was going to be just 10 photos, but we couldn't do just 10.  We could easily come up with 50; it's hard to edit thyself when you are in love with your subject.  

1.  Moose at Sunset  (taken with a Nikon D4 through the front window in our rental car)

2.  The View on the Way to the Ski Hill  (taken with a Nikon D80)

3.  Elk Refuge at Sunset (taken with a Nikon Coolpix s9900)

4.  Lone Elk in the Distance (taken with a Nikon D4)

5.  The View From the Top of Jackson Hole on a Bluebird Day  (taken with a Nikon CoolPix S9900)

6.  Trumpeter Swans with an Elk Background  (taken with a Nikon D4)

7.  Pronghorn Digging for Food  (taken with a Nikon D4)

8.  The Tetons  (taken with a Nikon D4)

9.  Bighorn Sheep Duo (taken with a Nikon D4)

10.  Corbet's Cabin at the Top of Rendezvous Peak  (taken with a Nikon Coolpix S9900)

11.  Elk in the Elk Refuge  (taken with a Nikon D4)

Elk Refuge Safari Bugs (1).jpg

12.  Moose in Deep Snow  (taken with a Nikon D4)

13.  Snow King Mountain  (taken with a Nikon D4)

14.  The Jackson Hole Town Square Arches  (taken with a Nikon D4)

15.  Bighorn Sheep Running  (taken with a Nikon D4)

16.  The Tram and Fresh Snow  (taken with a Nikon Coolpix S9900)

17.  Ian in Grand Teton National Park  (taken with a Nikon D4)

Jackson Hole Safari Bugs (4).jpg

18.  Elk Up Close (taken with a Nikon D4)

19.  Jackson Hole Mountain Resort from the Elk Refuge (taken with a Nikon D4)

20.  Us in Jackson (taken with a Nikon Coolpix S9900)

Runner Up:  This is a cool shot.  So, we had to include it.  We were a bit faraway but we got a glimpse of a bald eagle on a carcass in the National Elk Refuge.